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Piston Valve Cast 65-200mm (SPL)

We at Shrikar Valves produce some of the finest  65-200mm Piston Valves there are. Built to be strong, durable and long-lasting, these Valves are truly stand apart. 

Here’s some facts about the Cast 65-200mm Piston Valves built by us:

Design Features

Though sealing principle remains same as valve size 15mm to 50mm, pressure acting on large size Piston has been compensated in order to reduce the operational torque. Therefore, Piston is modified to have media pressure same at below and above Piston. This means, effect of media pressure on Piston is nullified thereby making valve operation easy. Two main rings act as seal across ports and two similar rings but small size act as seal to atmosphere. There is one more ring between body/bonnet joint.

65-200mm Piston Valves Designs

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